Antique Brass Trouble Light Cage Pendant wooden handle (CLEARANCE)

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Weight: kg

Ceiling Rose *

Add here a ceiling rose if required. It will be supplied to match the lamp holder hardware chosen above

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Antique Brass Trouble Light Cage Pendant wooden handle. This is a decorative cordgrip Pendant Lamp that has an industrial turn of the century look, just perfect in a mechanics or industrial themed room. Earthed unit ensures complete safety and comes wired and assembled. Wooden handle has a 1/2 inch all-thread inside making the whole unit connected internally, cord grip ensures cable cannot be pulled from the lamp.

Cages attach in similar ways although hard cage needs to be removed in order to change globe.

Comes complete with 1.5m of standard blue braided cloth covered braided flex and optional cage which can be swapped for any from our range of light wire cages, an enclosed hard wire cage or a black powder-coat open ended heavy gauge wire cage. The 125 large cage option will allow our largest bulb to be fitted.


Cage component
Brass lamp holder.
Optional ceiling rose in matching plated brass colour
B22 Bulb not included.




Length overall 330mm
Width at cage 180mm Max