Russian Insulator CD 304 pendant light

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Product Description

Russian Insulator CD 304 pendant light is an upcycled power cable insulator made in Russia having a wired in E27 lampholder and cordgrip mechanism.

This is one of the largest pin insulators every made. It is a high tension cable insulator found in Belarus and is stamped the year of manufacture 1975. It was made in western Russia by the LVIV INSULATOR PLANT started in 1965. These insulators weigh in at around 2 kilo so they are expensive to ship and require a chain mount in addition to a top hook for ceiling mount. These insulators are not manufactured currently and so we rely on a supply of “found” examples. This one was found under high voltage power lines in Kiev.

Wired with 3 core cable in braid and a brass plated E27 lampholder with plated brass cord grip mechanism, the bulb fits just inside the glass.
For 120Volt use we use an E26 brass socket, wiring and 4″ J-Box cover. Components are UL Listed but the whole pendant is not.

Most E26 bulbs will fit this lamp and any combination of cable color cord grip color is also an option.
Bulb is not included. Recommended bulbs are listed below.



Height 150mm (including cordgrip and bulb)
Width 227mm
E27 240Volt wiring and lampholder
Comes with 2.0M 3 Core braided Flex. 2.0 M Antiqued chain and optional rose/plug and the cool radio valve type bulb

Recommended 240 Volt globes for this product…