DIY hardware

DIY Lighting hardware components

Below are groups of DIY hardware components that allow you to find the correct coupler or pipe component to make your own light fittings. They are thread separated since lighting and plumbing pipe threads are not a comparable thread size or type.

For a complete reference for various thread sizes used download the pdf

Brass lighting thread components

These are BSP (British Standard Brass) thread as 26 TPI in 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch sizes. Also some 10mm components.

Thread couplers

These are various threaded parts designed to mate two threaded components together. These are thread adapters to enable plumbing pipe or steel conduit to connect to lighting components.

Plumbing pipe fittings

Our selection of specific plumbing pipe components in black steel, brass and galvanised finish all with various threads in BSP ( British standard Pipe thread)

Hooks and Shackles

Hooks for chain connection and suspension, flange threaded, S-Hooks, brass and steel

Steel electrical conduit parts

Galvanised electrical conduit components

Electrical components

Electrical connection components for DIY lighting

Odds and ends