Augmented Reality for Lighting Design

We have adopted a virtual reality approach for lighting design to help overcome the problem of understanding scale for lighting products. This article looks into a new 3D Augmented Reality design app making it easier to try before you buy. Buying lighting for your space has never been easier!

Mobile device manufacturers have been working for a few years now to help application developers to use augmented reality experience on their devices. The main motivation for this was primarily for gaming. Games such as Pokemon Go were the main driver of this technology.

Augmented reality shows a virtual 3D objects to the viewer in their own environment. This is done via the camera image. The software determines the actual 3D space and flat surfaces of the real environment. It then places a 3D virtual object in that space and continue to show the 3 dimensional object in real time while the viewer moves around their own environment.

Augmented Reality Technology

Customers view 3D objects in real time in a real environment with this augmented reality app. Previously our clients struggled to understand scale in a real environment and so this technology is the perfect solution!

Countless manufacturers have created these augmented reality applications and to avoid downloading a new app for each manufacturer we have introduced Augment. 

Customers can view 3D objects from countless manufacturers with the Augment app installed on a mobile device or tablet. Augment is a great interior design solution for our customers and is free for them to use.

Download Augmented Reality 3D App

We are still in the testing phase of the Augment app. The files we are testing are listed below. Install the app from Augment to begin. Also when you use a mobile device to click on any 3D file link.

Click on the images below when viewing with a mobile or tablet and follow the instructions to place this 3D model in your environment. All three are designed to place on a table or floor. The billiard table light will appear above your table with shades at the correct height.

3D Augmented Banker Lamp
Steampunk Desk lamp
3D Augmented Plumbing Pipe Light
Plumbing pipe wall light
3D Augmented Billiard Table Light
Billiard table light

This system can be used across our entire product range but getting all completed for download may take some time. Let us know by email if there is a particular product you wish to see in Augmented Reality (AR). Or if you have a custom lighting idea we can supply a prototype 3D prior to having us building. Check out our extensive range of complete fittings.