Kitchen bench overhead decorative task lighting

Kitchen bench overhead decorative task lighting can be a daunting proposition for those renovating and modelling a kitchen area.

Recently Summit Kichens installed our Galvanised plumbing pipe large shade long table light over a new kitchen bench for task lighting as part of a renovation in Croydon, Victoria. The pipe work was ordered painted flat black to work with the grey cabinetry and Caesarstone Rugged Concrete benchtops. The lamps on this table light are reasonable close but dimmable LED warm globes provide both sufficient light and can be dimmed to create a more intimate feel. Contrasted with overhead LED strip lighting and the effect is magic.

Steel shades

Combined with the rugged pipe work the customer chose out larger green shades to accent the dark green tiled splash-back. These also have a warm off white reflector that provides some direction to the lighting that should focus somewhat on the bench itself.

Task lighting

It is always a good idea to factor lighting into your kitchen design from the onset. At times light fittings can provide a pivotal focus and lead design ideas for other colors and textures. Electrical wiring for this type of bench light needs to be addressed at the start of the build process and support structures built into the ceiling. Summit Kitchens have done a great job here both in redesigning the kitchen space and creating a quite unique industrial feel. Checkout the story on their website for full details.

Plumbing pipe is a great material for this purpose. It has a design flexibility that allows us to adapt for any design idea. We can use a range of shades treatments from the green steel shades shown here to delicate glass shades. These are also often installed  with exposed bare bulb. The pipe work itself can be made as cleaned galvanised or raw black steel. We can also paint in a range of colors or use an advanced rusting technique.

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