750mm Vintage green explosion proof twin tube light (CLEARANCE)

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Weight: 23kg

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Ballast Refit *

Option for us to supply 240 Volt 36 watt magnetic Ballast and tubes as parts

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Product Description

750mm Vintage green explosion proof twin tube light is a restored ship light previously employed in ships’ engine rooms, cargo decks and similar areas. This 750mm Vintage green explosion proof twin tube light was designed to allow efficient lighting on LNG or LPG carriers and chemical container ships where explosion proof lighting is essential. Built in the 1990’s, these light fittings are extremely heavy duty weighing around 18kg each.

These lights come with their original cage and reflector but these can be removed when installing to create a different look. It may be that you require light to spill upwards, so you would remove the reflectors.

They are ridiculously over engineered for the purpose we now see them being used for, but they are an industrial style that we think would work well in an industrial themed cafe or bar. Incorporating two glass containment tubes, they may also provide lighting for food preparation areas i.e., shatterproof.

These are surplus to our requirements and we are selling these to make way for new stock. By default these will contain the original parts set to take regular 2 foot (60cm) flourescent tubes unless you choose an option to refit.

Ballast Refit

These come from ship breaking with their original Japanese fitted 100 Volt ballast and wiring so a careful check or refit will be required by an electrician prior to installation. We can supply 240 Volt 36watt magnetic Ballast and tubes as parts at additional cost for your electrician to install. Please check first with your electrician if they are fine to make this modification.

We can supply these as full LED retrofitted and tested via the original product link here.


Since these are vintage ships lighting salvaged from ship breaking these do not come with any warranty. If you do experience a problem we may be able to assist with parts.


This is a product that we will need to have picked up or we can advise a best way to pack and ship. “Click and Collect” is the only option avaialable online for this product.


Length: 750mm
Width: 330mm
Height: 300mm
Weight: 17kgs