Industrial cast iron adjustable height bar stool

AUD $295.00

Weight: 17kg

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Product Description

Industrial cast iron adjustable height bar stool is branded “Boston” and has an adjustment brake to keep at selected height. Vintage style casting with solid turned hardwood timber top. Finished as black coat cast iron and machined steel components this is the perfect stool to go with you industrial themed bar with cast iron or plumbing pipe table style.

The cast iron base of this stool is quite heavy and so keeps the stool from toppling over when bumped. The height adjustment should not exceed the very highest point since the centre thread post will unscrew completely. This is a handy option for transport however. The base can also be unbolted from the center base should this be required. At it’s highest the stool can be 670mm tall and can lower to 500mm. The base has a foot diameter of 450mm. Being solid cast iron this stool is 14kg total weight. The 35mm seat is a solid polished hardwood turned and shaped to suit.

This stool can be used at a bar or table where a light weight stool may be knocked over. This is the perfect stool to go with our new cast iron height adjustable crank table.

Base diameter 420mm
Max height 670mm
Min height 500mm
Weight 14 kgs