Vintage Ship’s Citizen Wall Clock green with radio silence

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Product Description

Vintage Ship’s Citizen Wall Clock green with radio silence bands are original, Made in Japan and have come from a ship beached at ship breaking operations in Bangladesh.

Made in Japan these original marine grade slave clocks are a new concept for us as Edison Light Globes. We think they will add to the theme of our product as vintage industrial look. Retrofitted with battery powered mechanism for easy installation. We now fit 3 hands, hour, minute and second hand.

Radio Silence clocks followed an international review of maritime safety which made several recommendations, one of which led to the introduction of radio silence periods. The red sectors are for Morse code distress signals on the 500kHz band, as used in radio telegraphy. Radio room clocks have traditionally been marked with the sectors as guidance for the operators.

They have pristine clock lettering over a white face of special mylar print over a metal surface behind a hinged glass front. It was made water resistant for a life at sea and now makes the perfect clock for a steamy kitchen or cafe. Converted by us to a battery powered mechanism. We have limited stocks of these clocks that are similar so matching a set of 2 should be no problem should you need to. Minor blemishes vary depending on how they were treated but they are all in pretty nice condition.

The face is a hinged glass in a rubber sealed ring mount. The body is a pale green baked enamel with a hinged back plate that contains the mechanism and adjustment screw.

Color may vary due to fading to a more blueish hue.

Also available as Continuous Sweep movement – second hand will not tick / sweeps around the dial version for those who prefer a quiet clock.

Made by Citizen.
Clock Face 155mm diameter
Rear Face 220mm diameter
Width from wall 90mm