Copper Mirror X-Ray Shade Booth Pendant

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Product Description

Copper Mirror X-Ray Shade Booth Pendant. These are two genuine matching antique X-Ray reflectors in silvered glass pattern with a copper color surface.  There is some degradation of the silvered surface from age with some chips. The mirrored glass is on the interior with the copper color base visible on the outside. The mirrored surface gives the lights a very distinctive look and given that this shade is around 80 years of age it is in reasonable condition. We have limited stock of these at the moment but it looks like we may be able to source individual glass over time. We can only make these with bronze hardware since this has a custom gallery to suit the vintage glass shades. We only have this gallery in a bronze color.

This light comes with a 90mm ceiling rose by default or for North American customers this comes with a 4 inch J-Box cover canopy.

These are original “X-Ray” brand reflectors made in the USA 8o years or so ago. They were designed to use as high intensity shop fittings where a strong reflector was required. Older style bulbs were not as intense as modern bulbs and so these shades provided a high degree of reflecting capacity. They are high grade glass, heavily plated with pure silver which is protected by a special coating designed to protect the silver.

The solid brass lamp holder E27 fitting , 24O V, 4A with choice of plated brass color, ceramic terminal insert. Suspended below twin brass arms and solid brass hub, this pendant is fixed to the ceiling via matching 90mm ceiling cover.  Earthed system that requires 3 core flex and needs to be wired with earth for use a a ceiling pendant light fitting.

Bulbs are not included. Recommended bulbs are listed below.

Gallery is plated brass to match lamp holder
3 1/4” diameter and 38mm hole 3 screw gallery
2 E27 lamp holders
2 X-Ray Glass glass shade
Ceiling rose in matching plated brass color


850 mm length
300 mm bottom width

Recommended 240 Volt globes for this product…