Vintage restored Strand Patt 123 Theater Spotlight

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Lamp holder globe option *

Choose between high power for theater application (P28) or domestic use (E27).

Cable and chain length *

Choose here the drop from the ceiling for both chain and cable. Cable will be 1M longer to allow wiring.

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Product Description

Vintage restored Strand Patt. 123 Theater Spotlight by ‘Strand Electric’, an original ‘Patt 123’ spotlight which has been cleaned and polished to a degree leaving as much of the patina as possible. The Fresnel glass lens is an original component as is all internal heat shielding and reflector. The pattern 123 Fresnel Spotlight was used to build up an area of light without defined edges. The size of the peak area can be adjusted by the knob at the base which allows the globe to move away or towards the Fresnel lens. Focused back it can be used to provide a narrow beam suited to a sunlight effect.

This lamp features a runner for color frame and/or barndoor attachment. It has a 6 inch short focus Fresnel lens. Recessed self locking catch that allows access to the globe for maintenance. Originally die cast aluminium that was covered in hammer-tone grey, it has been bead blasted and polished. We also supply the mounting bracket if chain hook and ceiling hook is not required.

Industrial in design, this light fitting can be used in hotels , bars, restaurants or shopfitting in general, to light up an area as a theatrical style lighting feature. Secures to the ceiling via galvanised steel chain and chain hook plate which is also the wiring point or clamp to theater light frame.

Can be fitted with your choice of lamp holder and globe. When fitted with the original Strand P28 Lamp Holder/Base we supply a 500 Watt halogen globe made to provide a fully capable spotlight for theater use. For domestic use we fit an E27 brass lamp holder and 12 Watt G95 LED E27 bulb. This gives the best effect for E27 Lamp holder.

Vintage 1960’s design.
Focusing magnifier lens.
Gel mount.
Solid brass E27 or P28 Ceramic lamp holder
Chain support.


Indoor use only.
E27 240VAC (eg. AUS, UK, NZ)
Secures to the ceiling via chain hook supplied.
Wiring connections are made through the base.
Globes 500W Max.
12 Watt LED or 500 Watt Halogen included.
Height: 267mm
Width: 282mm
Length: 292mm