Antique brass E26 Socket

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Weight: .1kg

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Antique brass E26 Socket is UL Listed, 120 volt, suitable for both the USA and Canada. This socket is a standard 10mm un-switched Uno thread lamp body.  Note cable not included. We have also included an earth connection internally and as such can be used with 3 core cable.

This hardware is of the highest quality brass and comes with optional body conversion to 1.5in thread shade nut system. This is a shade system that can be used to fix lamp shades to plumbing pipe application.

This item is UL Listed and made for use at 120 Volt mains for countries like USA and Canada. A full range of E26 sockets are available from our US warehouse for supply within the USA. If producing product for Export to the USA we ship these from our warehouse in Australia to manufacturers requiring this specification to any other country.

Note: These are not suitable for use in Europe, Asia, or any other 240 Volt standard countries as they do not comply with local standards requirements.

Input Voltage Max: 120VAC 250V Max
Rated Wattage Max: 660W
Earth Requirement: Yes
Temperature Classification: T170
Material: Brass & aluminum
Base Type: Edison Screw, ES, E26
Entry Type: 10mm
Shade Nut: Available if ordered.
Diameter Shade Nuts: 1.9″
Recommended Shade Hole Dia: 38mm
Height: 3.2″
Diameter: 1.5″
Certifications: UL File No E227063