Brass cage Steampunk Wall Light

Original Edison Swan Electric Co Ltd Lamp

Brass cage Steampunk Wall Light design is coming along and you can now have a better look at the design soon to be released.

We have been working on a prototype build and also working on some variations both in overall size and materials and colors. We assumed a bronze color and bronzed brass backing plate but the early test with a wooden block look good also. Perhaps a little more Victorian than Deco or industrial but interesting nonetheless.

There are a few pics we shot of an earlier actual build using real components that we hand made. The idea is that the actual components will be machine made to exact tolerances and plated as one color. Also shown is a shorter version of the design with a timber block mount.

Both sizes should eventually be able to be ordered online but the larger design will be available first. We should have a photograph of the working finished prototype online in a week or so.