Common Galaxia interior lighting design

Common Galaxia interior lighting design

Justin Lamont used Edison Light Globes hardware and with a close attention to detail we managed to combine the overall theme of the cafe with Justin’s fantastic bespoke metal shades and tube covers.

Common Galaxia was designed by Luke Mutton of Sunkland Project.
Sunkland Project is the creator of Dead Man Espresso & Common Galaxia. It’s the identity behind our cafes, taken from the geology term Port Phillip Sunkland, it refers to the starting point of our beloved city, Melbourne.

The vision for CG was a juxtaposition of familiar expectations & original forward looking concepts.
‘Common’ was to capture a warm, woody cafe aesthetic, inspired by Japanese & Scandinavian architecture, and ‘Galaxia’ to exude a futuristic-edge alongside furniture inspired by Bahaus design. With everything tying together with an attention to detail and a love for timbers and metals… blending creativity with manufacturing.

At the heart of the design was supporting local furniture & industrial designers. We commissioned David Davenport from Illogical Study to design & make an American Oak swivel stool as well as an adjustable height solid brass pour over stand. Two exceptionally beautiful & practical wares.

Sunkland worked closely with Justin Lamont of Life Space Journey in delivering original bespoke furniture & lights

Drop in and say hi, have a coffee and look at the lights.
Shop 3, 130 Victoria St, Seddon, 3011
Ph: (03) 9689 0309

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  1. Hi Phil,
    they are really beautiful, wouldn’t mind some them in my studio, perhaps, when I open it for public. I could have some in the house, it needs a change.

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