Edison Outdoor Lighting

Edison Outdoor Lighting is put to the test in the most extreme conditions.  Our outdoor lighting products have traveled to some amazing far off places but this project, Torfhus Retreat, in the South of Iceland has to be one of our favorites

Situated near Iceland’s most popular tourist attraction Gullfoss, a spectacular “staircase” waterfall located in the canyon of Hvítá river in southwest Iceland, Torfhus Retreat offers a unique and luxurious Nordic experience.  The project consists of a Viking Long House as the reception and restaurant and ten luxurious turf houses based on the 18th century burstabær style.

We were contacted by the Liechtenstein based developer to build the outdoor lighting and matching indoor plumbing pipe pendants and wall lights for this project. They required lights that would suit the traditional style of the development and also withstand the extreme elements of the area.  Our plumbing pipe range of lighting was the perfect fit.

Outdoor Plumbing Pipe Lights provide an authentic ‘old world’ look as well as having the advantage of being IP rated . The IP rating (Ingress Protection) is an international method used to describe the protection of a fitting to stop the penetration of solid objects or water entering the light fitting. The rating includes a 2-digit number, the higher the number the better the protection. Edison outdoor lighting range goes up to a rating of IP65, suitable for permanent exposed outdoor use.

A range of our plumbing pipe fixtures were selected to work both internally and externally giving the retreat a consistent look.  Plumbing pipe is such a versatile material allowing many configurations and a variety of finishes.  Plumbing Pipe lights are carefully constructed by hand in our workshop. We use cleaned new plumbing pipe components and custom-made connectors to create this range of industrial lighting. These are made as ceiling mounted, wall mounted and even bench mounted designs. Custom designs are also possible.

Our LED globes were also included throughout the project including our large E40 Goliath bulbs and lampholders. These oversized globes were traditionally used for industrial purposes in factories and streetlights so continue the vintage look in the Torfhus Retreat.

Due to open this August, the Torfhus Retreat will be a true Icelandic experience with each luxurious turf house equipped with natural hot pools.  This will definitely be one for the bucket list.