RMIT Student Lighting Design Collaboration

RMIT Student Lighting Design Collaboration

We find it quite inspiring working with students and seeing what exciting new concepts and designs they are coming up with.  We have worked with a number of students over the years on various lighting projects and always welcome the opportunity.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Aashish Mathew who is studying a Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours) at RMIT.

This is what Aashish had to say about his work.

“My project, in summation, was a ceramics focused studio that adapted a technique developed from a Chilean design studio, Great Things 2 People. They were on a design tour and collaborated with the RMIT Industrial Design course to bring their project to the NGV Melbourne NGV Design Week, this was an incredible experience as students were given the chance to aid in running a professional exhibition in the main foyer of the National Gallery.

The technique was incredibly unique and essentially revolved around the premise of using slack and tension in a suspended fabric to create a form. The whole process was very experimental and had many aspects to it that made it unreliable for designing a product with, but it was interesting regardless and added the challenge of working with what you got.

My project named Ex Terra Autem, Latin for ‘From the Ground Up’, had the underlying themes of nature, fluid forms and warm comfortable radiance. It’s an ensemble of three pendent lights that are suited for ambient lighting in a study or lounge area.”

We worked with Aashish to find suitable components to convert his ceramic shade into a pendant light.  He went with the E14 bakelight lampholder with cordgrip which sat within a turned timber cup and suspended with 2 core braided flex.

We think Aashish’s end result is stunning!