Solid Brass Plumbing Pipe Lights

We have extended Edison’s range of plumbing pipe lights to include a solid brass finish. This striking material adds a touch of class to any interior or exterior fit out.

The sturdy shiny gold finish has the benefit of not rusting or corroding over time, making it the perfect option for outdoor lighting.  Left uncoated this material will tarnish to a copper colour however if you prefer to preserve the bright gold colour we can also offer a clear coating or polishing if required.

The brass range extends across many of our plumbing pipe designs.  Currently we have six designs available to purchase via our webshop with more being added. If there is a design that you would like modified or built to your own specifications please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For those that appreciate the juxtaposition of the industrial plumping pipe material with the glamorous shiny gold brass finish these light fixtures really offer a point of difference for those willing to step outside the box.  Whether it be to overhaul a commercial space or to just update the man-cave it will surely get people talking!