Difference between 24v low voltage & 240v party lighting festoons?

Our 24v low voltage kits can be used as permanent fixtures indoors and outdoors. When string lights are required in a commercial environment or for permanent external use, we would recommend that this system is implemented.

When the string lights are used in close proximity to people, the 24v kit is a safer option, primarily because there is a low voltage running through the cable. The globes are also poly-carbonate and will not shatter. Longer lengths can also be achieved using the low voltage system due to the overall watts used.

Our 240v party light kits have an IP44 rating when installed correctly but are not recommended as a permanent outdoor solution. The 240v option is an ideal temporary solution. We always recommend that caution is exercised when installing any electrical item and that the supplied installation documents are adhered to.

In order to achieve the IP rating the systems need to be installed correctly. This may involve an electrician who will confirm your requirements.

At voltages below 40v, electrical systems are not required to be IP rated.

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