What is the difference between a bayonet and screw globe?

We manufacture globes that cater for both bayonet and screw connections.  The code allocated to each globe refers to the connection between the globe and the light socket.  The codes beginning with an ‘E’ refer to an edison screw fitting whereby the globe screws into the light socket.  The standard fitting is an E27(E26 for North America).  The E14 (or E12 North America) is a smaller fitting generally used for lamps and chandeliers.

Codes beginning with a ‘B’ refer to bayonet fittings and are generally only found in Commonwealth countries. The B22 is the standard size, with B15 again generally used for lamps and chandeliers.

The E40 and E39 (North America) was traditionally an industrial fitting.  Our goliath range of globes fall under this category.

Please make sure when you are ordering globes and light fittings that they are compatible.

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