Why are my LED globes flickering?

When dimmed, LED lamps may become susceptible to a temporary or permanent flickering. Care in selecting the right lighting dimmer or controller for the desired LED lamp is important so the risk of LED flickering can be reduced. Sources of LED lamp flicker can come from a range of different locations and often at the same time, for example:

  • Mains supply instability.
  • Noise on the mains supply or dimming system.
  • Dimming system not loaded sufficiently.
  • Too many or too few LED lamps are being used per lighting circuit.
  • LED driver design.
  • Dimmer level set too low.

In order to accommodate the widest range of usage and dimming problems we have included a number of technical improvements to LED driver design that we include inside the globe cap. A range of globes now in their sixth generation of electronics to provide perfect dimming with no flicker regardless of load. We call this Enhanced dimming. This advanced chip also stops LED’s from remaining slightly lit when turned of at the switch.

Whilst LED dimming is now a reasonable proposition for most lighting situations it must be understood that this dimmed appearance is just an illusion. LED’s that are supplied by an Alternating current at 50- 60 htz do turn on and off 50 or 60 times a second. This makes it appear that they are on due to the imperceptible flicker rate. However it is possible to detect this flicker with a video camera running at say 30 frames per second. It may also be possible to detect when viewing moving objects lit by LED globes. Running water from a tap looks interesting for example.

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