Vintage Brass Steampunk banker lamp

Vintage Brass Steampunk banker lamp

Vintage Brass Steampunk banker lamp 240V switched with black 3 pin plug and 1.5 m braided cloth cable. This design is a steampunk themed bankers type table lamp featuring our custom short tube cage and cast iron base.

The base is heavy cast iron and all fittings are solid brass with an antique plating to protect the surface from tarnishing. The 3 core braided cable comes in a range of colors and you may select an option color when you order. The lamp holders is our E27 240V threaded entry.  Locking mechanism means the body cannot be unscrewed accidentally when changing the bulb. Wing nut brackets make changing the bulb a very simple process should the need arise.

The lamp comes with a black inline switch and 3 pin plug. Would suit office desk or concierge desk or have as a decorative table lamp for a side table. Hand formed adjustable brass shade is currently in production and is available as a select-able option.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Brass Steampunk banker lamp

  1. Do you have a United States affiliate or know of a U.S. source for these products? I read that the 240 can be converted to 120 but this seems too cumbersome. We are a retailer interested in manufacturing these fixtures and reselling them. Thus ordering from Australia, converting from 240 and paying retail really wouldn’t be feasible for us.

    Compliments on your website. It is very well done. And the quality of the products you offer is what we are looking for.

    1. Thanks KaTinka,
      Often the requirement to run as 110V is more a matter of compliance. With a new plug this lamp will run fine. The issue is that instead of E27 CE stamped lampholders we should install E26 UL Listed lampholders. We are working on just that so that there is minimal change to the design. We do have E26 lampholders of the same solid brass quality. When this product is available it will be listed online for sale.

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