Vintage Edison Light Bulb range


Vintage Edison Light Bulb range has increased and we now have 12 styles to choose from. Shapes ranging from the long tube at 280mm in length and the large round at 120mm in diameter. There is a smaller round at 80mm diameter and the standard teardrop and bulb shapes. Most interesting are the Steampunk radio valve shapes in Spiral Tube and Spiral Plum. New in stock is a less expensive small tube and a fantastic warm smokey colored medium tube length bulb.

All these light bulbs are 240 Volt and 60 Watts suitable for Australian, UK, EU, etc electrical solutions. They are all Edison Screw E27 making them suit all the lampholders we have in stock, both brass and Bakelite. We also now stock E14 SES bulbs and the small thin E14 is a great bulb for small lighting applications.

Along side our large range of Edison screw bulbs we also have quite a few styles in B22 bayonet cap.

These bulbs are becoming popular due to the bare bulb industrial style of light fittings available from lighting designers. It seems non-era design in industrial style is being influenced by the Steampunk movement. Because of the popularity of steam-punk, there is a growing movement towards establishing steam-punk as a culture and lifestyle. Some fans of the genre adopt a steam-punk aesthetic through fashion, home decor, music, and film. This may be described as neo-Victorianism, which is the amalgamation of Victorian aesthetic principles with modern sensibilities and technologies.
Some have proposed a steam-punk philosophy, sometimes with punk-inspired anti-establishment sentiments, and typically bolstered by optimism about human potential.

Some of these bulbs are better suited to lamps and over the next few months we will be trying them in all manner of lamps and fittings.


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    Not sure if you are aware, but it seems as though your checkout is not working on our site.

  2. We are experiencing an ongoing “order total” error that occurs infrequently. It is something we are working on in software to allow pci complaint payment with item specific checkout.

  3. I would like to purchase your long bulb, 280 mm, 110 volt for a sonneman Floor Lamp I have had for probably 30 years. Ut now holds a showcase 12″bulb design that flickers and is not a good reading light. Woudlthis bulb be suitable for reading from 24″ away. What wattage is it?

    1. The long bulb we have is a 240 Volt 60Watt. It will work in your lamp and it may well provide enough light even powered by 110V. Hard to tell from here however.

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