Dancing with the stars Collaboration

Edison were lucky enough recently to get some TV exposure with a collaboration with Dancing with the Stars Australia.  The creative team were sourcing props for the final dance routines and contacted us to help them out.

Claudia Karvan Dance

Dancing with the Stars episode 3 saw our E40 pendant taking the spotlight. Our oversized E40 Pendant provided a striking feature light and backdrop for this special dance. The E40 light is a traditional industrial fitting, generally seen in factories and warehouses. Today we have seen a resurgence in its use in residential and commercial settings that are going for an industrial/vintage vibe. It has timeless appeal.

Ed Kavalee Dance

One of the performances required a sci-fi look, to set the stage for a mad scientist and robot dance.  Our vintage explosion proof ship light fitted the brief perfectly.  Salvaged from cargo ships and restored and retrofitted, it gave the set an authentic feel.  Suspended above the operating table the LED strip light casting a luminous glow.

Dami Im Dance

Another dance routine required a ghost light prop.  We had to research that one! A ghost light is a small, single bulb floor light, that shines on the dark stage throughout the night when the theatre is closed and unoccupied. Believed  to chase away mischievous spirits; or to light the way for ghosts that haunt virtually every theatre.  For this brief a plumbing pipe standard lamp was built with a cage shade, keeping the incandescent bulb exposed.

We loved this concept so much that we added this product to our web shop. Made from one inch and half inch iron pipe this lamp is made as safe as possible by making it low voltage from the cable to the lamp holder. A wall plug type 12 Volt transformer is supplied so that it is safe to plugin anywhere. Wall plug transformers come with a variety of country plug ends so that this can be used in North America, The UK or Australia/NZ. Cable is a special 2 core low voltage with a black braided outer. Safety first!

Feature Products

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