Steampunk Your Interior Design

Vintage Brass Steampunk Banker Table Lamp
Steampunk Interiors
Steampunk your interior.

Looking to steampunk your interior?  An easy way to add a steampunk vibe to a space is to install some statement lighting.  Look no further than our range of brass, plumbing pipe and limited-edition lighting.

The steampunk movement originated in the late 1980s. The term coined by science fiction author K.W. Jeter to explain the genre combining the worlds of creativity and imagination with technology and science.  Steampunk style fuses the elegant Victorian era with the industrial revolution and age of invention. 

To Steampunk your interior, look to combine Victorian era elements (think elegant antique furniture, worn leather furnishings, delicate lace) with industrial, mechanical pieces (such as raw metals, cogs, clocks, vintage machinery).

Serious enthusiast can go crazy incorporating steampunk into their interiors, however if you want to be more subtle with your styling then adding a couple elements will give a subtle reference to this genre.  Add a feature pendant, wall light or desk lamp with refurbished or upcycled elements, combining a variety of materials and eras.

“Channel the era of Sherlock Holmes, Thomas Edison or H.G Wells and make sure your lighting is on point. Industrial factory pendant lights, eye-catching surveyors lamps, architectural desk lamps and decorative gadgets for discovery.”

Our steampunk inspired lighting is best described as maximal. The more nuts and bolts, cages, gauges, materials the better!  As all our lighting is made to order our designs can easily be adapted to incorporate your own elements. Contact us to discuss your lighting design needs.