Antique Brass Long Bulb Cage Wall Mount Lamp

AUD $450.00AUD $510.00

Weight: 1.9kg

Tube Bulb Option *

Choose from one bulb style to be shipped with this lamp

Spiral tube 290mm Zig zag Filament LED 290mm +AUD $28.00 38mm x 280mm 3 watt soft filament LED (240V only) +AUD $53.00

Cage Color *

Order with contrasting cage color

Bronze plated brass Brass

Choose Country Voltage and hardware option

Choose a different voltage here, ie. 120V FOR USA AND CANADA REQUIREMENTS. This adds UL Listed socket and wiring. This does not provide a UL Listed product but provides UL Listed hardware.

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Antique Brass Long Bulb Cage Wall Mount Lamp E27. Features two brass lamp holders (one live), wingnut adjustable brackets, 1/2″ threaded hollow arms and either brass wall plates or a mounting blockĀ  for installation to a wall surface. The custom made cage is attached to the lamp holder using shade nuts. Bulb access is achieved by undoing the wingnuts so the the whole mechanism swings off the mounting plate. Also included are brass screw caps in a matching finish. Can take any 290mm tube globe including LED. See tab below for replacement bulbs.

The unique Steampunk style of this wall light is highlighted by the use of traditional materials along with the option of a Power Industry grade Acetal block mount. This material resembles Bakelite but has advanced electrical isolation properties that makes it perfect for large power switch boards and high tension applications. Acetal co-polymers have high tensile and flexural strength, fatigue resistance and hardness. Lubricity is excellent. They retain much of their toughness through a broad temperature range and are among the most creep-resistant of the crystalline thermoplastics. A low moisture-absorption characteristic permits molded parts to serve reliably in environments involving humidity variations. Good electrical properties qualify these materials for electrical applications requiring long term stability.

We also have a medium tube bulb cage length available as 240V E27 and 120V E26.

For 120V version we suggest the Acetal base or separate wall plates options due to local wall mount regulations. 120V will be made using UL Listed E26 sockets in the same brass color. This does not provide a UL Listed product but provides UL Listed hardware. Separate wall plates for 120 Volt can be for 3″ or 4″ J-Box size.

Complete with 25 Watt Edison Long Spiral Tube globe. You may alternately choose to install a Zig Zag LED TubeĀ or a soft filament T38 LED

Vintage industrial design.
Solid brass lamp holders.
Solid brass construction including cage.
Brass screw covers included.
Choice of mounting styles.
Choice of globe including LED. Select from menu.
Range of surface finishes.

Finish options:
Finished in Antique Brass. Other finishes are available
Cage component is new Brass or Bronze.
Wall mount available in polished wood, Acetal and separate plates.

120 Volt version with separate plates is for 3″ or 4″ J-box

Indoor use only.
E27 240VAC (eg. AUS, UK, NZ) or E26 120VAC (eg. US, CA).
Integral earth wire.
Globe 60W Max.
Globe included.

Height: 450mm
Width: 100mm
Projection: 100mm


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