TAFE lighting design project

TAFE lighting design project

A week or so ago Lisa Barbara ordered a single Edison Teardrop globe as she wanted to finish off her lighting design project with something special. The old world industrial look of the vintage filament bulb worked perfectly to show off the industrial hard edge of the design. Lisa is a student at Enmore Design Center, studying Advanced Diploma of Interior Design and is looking for internships based in Sydney. Let us know if you have a spot for her and we will pass it on.

Good job Lisa and if there are any students reading who need a hand with a lighting project contact us and let us know, we may be able assist.

We had to create a working light out of found objects, to promote the idea of recycling/re-using/upcycling.
My found object was three engine pistons and conrods I found in the basement. Because of the way I connected all three at the top, I wanted the lightbulb to also reflect that ongoing, never ending movement and connectivity, like a circle.
My class and teacher loved the bulb and I told them to have a look at your website!

Here are some photos I took of it, I’m really happy how it turned out.

The students work in the field of the built interior environment, creating the spaces  in which we live, work, learn, discover and enjoy. Students develop the skills and knowledge  required to create  spaces that respond to human needs and improve the quality of life.  They strive to make spaces which work better, selecting and using materials and resources in a sustainable way.—Todd Packer, Head Teacher

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