Tube Glass Table Lamps

Tube Glass Table Lamps

A Tube Glass Table Lamp design has been in the works for a few months and after a bit of CAD work we have a prototype that combines real brass components with 3D printed component. The design is reminiscent of a typical oil lamp. This design will be tested for compliance and will be available in Nickel, Old brass and Bronze.

It will fit a range of bulb shapes and sizes and will optionally come with an inline dimmer.

The glass cylinder is a replacement part readily available from most gas lamp suppliers and sits snugly into a special ring groove machined into the base. The base itself is to me machined from Acetal, a black woody Bakelite type material that we are using with some wall lamps.

Let us know what you think and perhaps they might move along towards production more quickly.

UPDATE: Now with new base shape. I think I am liking this better. It will be a polished acetal to look like bakelite.

6 thoughts on “Tube Glass Table Lamps

  1. I really look forward to this lamp getting through production!

  2. It is very close, The last of the production parts are on the way.

  3. very nice, i will definatly get a few

  4. Love it. Any idea when they will be available yet?

  5. Can it be shipped to Hong Kong?

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